Alaska Teen Leadership Summit

ATLAS inspires and prepares high school students through a college-based leadership experience to develop their unique leadership potential and positively impact Alaskan communities through service, passion and purpose.

The ATLAS 2015 session will not be held

Due to budget challenges at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF), the ATLAS program will no longer be facilitated at UAF.
Many changes are happening at the University due to the financial shortfalls, and the loss of the ATLAS program is just one of those many changes. Looking into the future, one could imagine this program returning if the budget situation stabilizes and allows UAF to offer these types of programs again.
Thank you for your interest in the ATLAS program. If you would like to explore other similar programs for the summer of 2015, we recommend the Alaska Business Week (ABW) program, which is coordinated by the Alaska Chamber. ABW is a one-week summer program teaching the basic principles of private sector business to Alaskan high school students. Participants live on a college campus, where they grow as leaders, mentored by Alaska’s business elite. ABW will be held next year on the Alaska Pacific University (APU) campus in Anchorage, from July 18-25. Free transportation to Anchorage is available for students attending the ABW program from the Fairbanks area.

Watch a short ATLAS video to see what it's all about!

ATLAS is the new name for the UAF Summer Leadership Institute.

The ATLAS program is an intensive, one-week summer experience designed to develop leadership skills for students finishing grades 9-12. The curriculum focuses on leadership roles and accountability, team building, leadership styles and situations, motivating others, civic responsibility, integrity, public speaking, changing behaviors, and goal setting. Students live on campus, enjoy the academic and social atmosphere and get a taste of college life.

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Past Graduates Are Saying...

"This institute has helped me bring out my potential as a leader." - K.C.

 "I've made incredible friendships and.... I've learned so much." - D.W.

"This institute has taught me to shoot higher than you think you can realistically achieve--you just might make it."  - S.F.

"This institute has helped me to define my values and learn what makes a good leader and a good follower." - E.S.

ATLAS Participants Can Expect To...

  • Learn the principles of values-based leadership, including honesty, compassion, diversity and social responsibility.

  • Identify leadership traits and competencies such as interpersonal skills, leadership styles, figuring out what the group needs, assessing one’s own leadership skills, teamwork, goal orientation, motivating others, personal presence and public speaking, ethical decision making and changing behaviors… through youth-adult partnerships.

  • Integrate values-based leadership principles and traits in everyday leadership roles and responsibilities.

  • Engage in community service to increase civic engagement and social responsibility.

  • Develop and practice skills related to self and team reflection to gain deeper meaning and relate current experiences to future applications, with the ultimate intent of continuous character improvement.

  • Prepare a leadership self-development plan for the next year and beyond.

  • Earn 2 college credits which get students off to an early start in their UAF academic life or which are transferable to another academic university.

  • Learn  to give and receive feedback on performance of leadership skills, build confidence, and build friendships and networks with other motivated, active students.